President of Esteyco

Esteyco was created in January 1970 and since then on, it has provided independent, high-quality professional services.

Our permanent aim is consolidating a competent and integrated human team with sound and varied training, providing them with modern effective tools.

We are an active part inside the professional community of Consultants, Engineers and Architects. We are members of Professional Colleges and National and International Associations. We hold close connections with universities and research centres.

We consider our activity a vocational occupation; we are aware that the quality of our services is the guarantee of our future and this is apparent in the results of our work and in the style of our professional relations.

We have set up a sound independent flexible and multidisciplinary organization which allows us to deal with highly varied activities. We maintain long-term, stable relationships with other highly specialized teams which integrate naturally into our organization in order to complete and extend our resources when the nature of the requested service so requires.

We are aware that the final quality of a project depends on the quality of the engineering service in the planning, design and management of the projects.

Our accumulated experience has also allowed us to successfully deal with the integral management of projects and works for industry, energy and the environment.

Our human team is highly qualified to undertake new forms of intervention such as “project management” and “design and build”. Like the works we design and build, Esteyco will endure. An increasing number of institutions, public bodies, and private and professional organizations count on us and request our collaboration.

And this is merely the result of remaining faithful to the motto that has always governed our professional activities:

Work to know, know to work.

Civil Engineer
Chairman and Founder

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