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Motto and ideology

The Esteyco Foundation was founded in May 1991 with the aim of contributing to the progress of Engineering and Architecture in our country.

The precarious and uncertain situation in which the Spanish independent engineering was involved demanded attitudes of mere survival in the past.

However, the effort made by a growing collective of professionals and by the Administrative Institutions has consolidated an important sector whose services have become essential to a modern and efficient society.

It is time to look at the future with the confidence that it is to be present soon.

Let us promote, therefore, a favourable atmosphere for creativity, in which the work well done will be both demanded and appreciated.

Let us contribute to a thorough training of professionals in Engineering, being aware of the fact that the Institutions are as worth as their members and that, in Engineering, people’s value is measured according to their level of knowledge.

Let us encourage better and more frequent inter-professional collaboration, eliminating unnecessary boundaries.

Let us claim a quantitatively prominent space for Engineering in society and let us accelerate the evolution of the reigning culture of “simply doing” towards the culture of “doing by thinking”.

Let us consider the engineering firms as an extension of University, where the training of young graduates in their early years will prove decisive for their future.

Let us feel involved in the University and Research Centres.

Let us ensure the stability and continuity of our organizations and establish the means to keep their vitality, guarantee of future, from being hindered.

Let us assess our independence, not as a weapon against anybody, but rather as an intellectual attribute, inherent to those whose occupation is to think, inform and decide in freedom.

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Presidente de la Fundación Esteyco

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