• Detail design of a braced foundation and Technical Assistance in Banzi WF (Italy) and Kayathar WF (India)
  • On site Technical Assistance during the anchor cage assembly works. Ciudad Victoria W.F. (Mexico)
  • Foundations structural design and works Technical Assistance (Tila Wind Farm - Costa Rica)
  • Precast concrete wind tower design and on-site Technical Assistance (Trairí Wind Farm - Brazil)
  • Civil Works design. (Cerro Higuera Wind Farm - Spain)
  • Civil Works detail design, Geotechnical Campaign and Electrical Line. (Nouakchott Wind Farm - Mauritania)
  • Tower and foundation monitoring
  • Foundations structural design and works Technical Assistance. Raki W.F. (Chile)
  • Civil Works design. (San Vito Wind Farm - Italy)
  • Photovoltaic pergola and wind towers with high performances
  • Wind Towers Assembly. (Aguadoce Wind Farm - Brazil)
  • Testing plant of wind turbines in Sangüesa, Navarra (Spain)
  • Foundations Design. (Castrojeriz Wind Farm -Spain)
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